Body Talk

My first blog. I wrote this a year ago….really encouraging to read it again and realise I’m doing much better with this. Please read…pass it on…comment. This is a huge topic!

sophie cleere

It occurred to me recently, I am not very nice to myself at times.

The way I criticise myself, my body, characteristics and how I contribute to society can be just plain mean.

In my opinion I’m not ‘beautiful enough’ ‘strong enough’ ‘kind enough’. All this negative talk cementing my deep belief that ‘I am not enough’.image

Its a biggie and a belief I continue to challenge.

The way I treat my body when it doesn’t do what I want it to. Last year I attained some new injuries, my reaction was dismay. My action was to reject my vulnerable body parts. The language I used towards myself was abusive. ‘My bloody back is killing me!’. My hip is f**ked. Rather than accepting and nurturing…like a friend who is having a hard time of it.

All this negative association, rejecting the parts of ourselves we don’t like or the parts…

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One thought on “Body Talk

  1. I liked this especially the picture, although perhaps discussing more than just asana would give it more weight? Because asana is still linked to physical interpretation of body. Which is no bad thing but when you move towards the other limbs that’s when we start to transcend our bodies 🙂

    I relate to most of it …I know there’s a lot of body shaming on the right picture but equally so the left…I’m not doing any poor me stuff but I’ve noticed a real backlash in the yoga world (social media) that is denigrating the physical appearance on the left. I’m white, I’m fairly thin, I’m flexible…I’m everything loads of new backlash yoga articles are trashing as not real yoga. So shallow given my devotion to study. But of course the practice I do allows it to just be a momentary blip of frustration!

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