The Power of the Female Cycle

There is a hidden power that we women have within us and few of us realise it….

It is inbuilt inside us….gifted by nature. The thing is…not only are we unaware of its transformative power, many of us actually perceive it to be something negative. Something that we just have to put up with every month. A ‘Curse’ even.

Our periods are seen by many women as a physical and emotional pain, something that gets in the way of our normal active and busy lives.  Something to be ashamed about and we sure as hell don’t want to talk about it! You only need to take a look at Tampon Adverts to see this. Don’t your let periods take over! Have power over your period by ignoring it completely. Be discreet ladies…don’t let on. The world may well hold it against us! Climb mountains, swim oceans, but don’t…whatever you do stop!. Don’t slow down. Take rest. And for goodness sake….do not listen to your body!

Because what most of us need to do during menstruation is exactly that…to rest. To listen to our bodies wisdom. Every month we are gifted with this invitation to take time for ourselves. But many of us don’t take it…and we don’t even think we should…in fact we feel guilty for doing so.

This subject is a huge one. So in this short blog I just want to touch upon the key that can open the door to a whole new world and a transformative process that can put you back in touch with your very own inner Guru. Sounding good so far?

I had never really had a good grasp on my cycle, never had much of a clue when I was due to get my period or where I was in my cycle. My body would give me signals, sore breasts, crankiness, lethargy  just before menstruation, but aside from this I was clueless. However, I always felt I was missing something…even though I have a regular yoga practice that requires rest on the first 3 days of a womans cycle. I was doing little else to honour it.

Last year I attended a week long Womb Yoga training with highly accomplished womens yoga teacher, therapist, activist Uma Dinsmore Tuli. On the first day we talked about our cycles in terms of seasons. Winter (menstruation), Spring(pre ovulation), Summer(ovulation), Autumn(pre menstruation).

We were asked which was our favourite season? Our least favourite? Which season were we currently in? How did we feel in each season? Did we track our cycle? This workshop blew my mind! Not only because a whole new world opened up to me, but I could not believe I had been so clueless. And although I shared a room with around 40 yoga teachers, therapists and generally bodily and spiritually in tune women. I was no where near alone in my lack of understanding! Wow! This was radicle! We also discussed the huge need for deep rest during menstruation…again a brand new concept.

So I began to track my cycle daily….

My state of mind, my energy levels, how my body felt, did I feel connected to others or did I want to retreat?  Every day. I would take much more notice of these patterns during each cycle. I began to take proper rest during menstruation and specifically on day one of my cycle…and something amazing happened. When I took proper rest, I had no need for pain killers. When I allowed myself that space to feel my sometimes erratic emotions during my cycle, knowing why I was feeling them allowed me to stop judging myself so harshly.

I am only touching upon this as I want to ask you..if you don’t already track your cycle, to begin doing so. There are many ways to do this. On your phone in the form of Apps, Journaling, Using charts. Whatever works best for you. As long as you can keep track and look back at the cycles when you want to. I do something like this….


Day 1 (first day of bleeding) – Date

  • Feeling physically
  • Feeling emotionally
  • Energy levels
  • Dreams
  • Any important things/conversations/arguments that happened that day

… takes minutes, you can just store it on your phone or computer…easy peasy!

You may start to notice patterns repeating each month. When you start to do this you become much more friendly with Menstruation and your own unique cycle. How you feel during different ‘seasons’. You can even plan you diary around your cycle!!!!. I don’t know about you but the last thing to do during menstruation is Sky Diving!!!

It’s also a daily check in…just a few minutes of your day to see how you are doing…every day.

By getting intimate with our own inner rhythm we can begin to see the beauty in this gift…that each month allows us the opportunity to go through a whole life cycle and shed what no longer serves us…in my experience changing my relationship with my own cycle is revolutionary.  I encourage you to join me!










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