The Power of the Female Cycle

sophie cleere

There is a hidden power that we women have within us and few of us realise it….

It is inbuilt inside us….gifted by nature. The thing is…not only are we unaware of its transformative power, many of us actually perceive it to be something negative. Something that we just have to put up with every month. A ‘Curse’ even.

Our periods are seen by many women as a physical and emotional pain, something that gets in the way of our normal active and busy lives.  Something to be ashamed about and we sure as hell don’t want to talk about it! You only need to take a look at Tampon Adverts to see this. Don’t your let periods take over! Have power over your period by ignoring it completely. Be discreet ladies…don’t let on. The world may well hold it against us! Climb mountains, swim oceans, but don’t…whatever you do stop!. Don’t slow…

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